It’s the celebration, about 3 weeks too late. Wassup fam, this is your boy, and right now I am enjoying my healing process and life right now. No I didn’t hit the Powerball. I as I do every year just put things into perspective. Last year went (meh) for me. First half of the… Read More

Well hello baby. Long time huh, fam? I have been working my ass off for the last month, and this may be one of my final leg healing blogs, and now I can spew come more bullshit off the top of my brain, from now on. The knee is getting better, stronger, and healthier every… Read More

There’s a little trivia for you Arnold fans. In my case if it bends I can stretch it. I have had more weeks of physical therapy down and a lot more to go. I have been rehabbing like a mad man. I have been told by my doctor and my physical therapist that I am… Read More

What up peeps! Been 4 weeks since the last post, but, man it is for good reason. I have hit the point in my recover that I hoped and feared I would get too…..Physical Therapy. For those of you who haven’t had to ever do PT, you just don;t know how humbling that it is.… Read More

Week 3 in the books, and I am feeling better mentally seeing as I am making progress walking, moving, and sleeping better. With the splint sleep was not sleep. I was basically playing hop scotch with the leg as a sadistic jump rope that I had to avoid at all cost with my eyes closed,… Read More

Allow me to reintroduce myself my name is Marc…….MA to the RC. What’s up fam, it has been a long time (a helluva a long time) close to a year of my crazy ass thoughts and rants. Well after my angry post my year surprisingly went AWESOME last year, professionally and personally. Last year attempted… Read More

Week 2’s exile to the torture device is finally over. I have been to the doctor and mercifully my leg healed enough to take that damn splint off. I wasn’t into complete solitary confinement as I had planned thanks to my wife, my best friend, and his wife. They got me paroled on the Sunday… Read More

This device in which supposed to help me is making me a prisoner in my own body. The healing process is real. In typical Marcus fashion, I do not want to be bothered by anyone. I got alpha male syndrome. I have been the provider so long, and now I need help doing the simplest… Read More

Wassup fam, I can honestly tell you that I got caught up in life. This blog was supposed to be informative, heartfelt, and funny, but I have been slipping on my pimping so to speak. For the last two months in my field I have had extra responsibilities such as 4 other stores added to… Read More

  This ladies and gentlemen is my rant over this bullshit that keeps happening or at least that is what the news is portraying.  What the fuck is wrong with people leaving animals and babies in their freaking car.  You have to be a true piece of shit to do this.  It is hotter than… Read More