What is reality?!! I wonder daily what is; reality? Why is it anything that we try to achieve at its highest level considered a dream? When we think about an ultimate goal it is considered a dream realized, but why can’t it be reality realized. I am not talking about a “Reality Show” reality, I… Read More

Wassup fam this is my opening religious post.  Now this is where I need other dialogue in trying to crack this nut about certain religious rituals.  This video below is what sparks this question. Now that is a stone cold trip.  If this guy is doing things like this how many more “sheeple” have been… Read More

Wassup, family! This is the “Grand Posting” – the alpha post, if you will.  I am here, celebrating my little girl’s birthday, and I’m currently on vacation from the job.  I took this vacation to do something that sometimes we neglect to do (whether minor or majorly), and that is spend time with the family… Read More

***No, I’m not talking about the 70’s group either (though they did have talent that was unsung).   Back to my point.  I have noticed, in life, we are really never alone.  When we are going through something, there is someone who is either in the situation with us or motivating us to get out… Read More