This ladies and gentlemen is my rant over this bullshit that keeps happening or at least that is what the news is portraying.  What the fuck is wrong with people leaving animals and babies in their freaking car.  You have to be a true piece of shit to do this.  It is hotter than… Read More

My love of professional wrestling started when I was about 4 and every Saturday night me and my grandma would post up by the television and enjoy some NWA wrestling.  We would look at these behemoths have a classic struggle between good (baby face) and evil (heel).  As the baby face starts his comeback granny… Read More

Wassup family, Now you know when I blog about something it is something that is on my mind that needs some clarity.  It could be from a great conversation or events that affect me (directly or indirectly).  My wife is on a spiritual journey.  Side Bar visit her blog site, she is the Yin… Read More