***No, I’m not talking about the 70’s group either (though they did have talent that was unsung).

Brighter Side Of Darkness


Back to my point.  I have noticed, in life, we are really never alone.  When we are going through something, there is someone who is either in the situation with us or motivating us to get out of it, whether negatively or positively.  When I was in the Corps, I actively chose to be the light people needed to get out of dark places.  Resultantly, I was nicknamed “The Motivator” by my troops.

I hated the label “motivator”.

If you know marines, you will know it is usually all “ooh rah, motivation this” and “ooh rah motivation that,” and it gets to be some repetitive B.S. sometimes.  The younger version me didn’t like this.

However, the current “me” loves it.

In my personal growth, if I can play a part in impacting many people’s lives to make them better or to show them the other side of the coin which is hidden from plain sight, I will do it.  What I do for myself is alright, but I get mad joy when I see other individuals succeed, and they tell me it was something I said in normal conversation which inspired them.

To get others to see my side of things, I sometimes play a game called “I-can-always-see-the-brighter-side-of-things” (which really makes my pessimistic friends who’d rather just wallow mad J).  The key to the game is to simply realize there is always a brighter side to any situation or circumstance, no matter how hidden; I am mastering my way to finding that side whenever I play this game with others:

Friend:  “Hey, bruh, I just lost my job.”

Me:   “You’ll be alright.  Just think, you’ve got more experience on your resume for the next job.”

Friend:  “That isn’t the worst of it, though.  I went to the doctor yesterday, and they told me they’ll need to amputate my arm!”

Me:   “You’ll be okay.  See, that just means you’re going to get a cool new robotic part to replace it.  You’ll be a real-life Jax!”

Friend: “Really, dude?  Well, the doctor also told me I’ve got cancer, too!”

Me:   “At least you found out in the same visit so you only had to pay the doctor once!  Alright, so seriously, there are capable doctors that can help try to get rid of it.”

Friend: “What the hell, Marcus?!  Both of parents died last night, too!  What do you have to say about that?!”

Me:  “I’m sorry to hear that.  Your mother could throw down on some barbeque, and your daddy used to lend me money…yea, we just never told you about that.  Hey, but you are still here, so you can honor their memory and everything they taught you.  They were good people.  And, while you are at it, you can also be grateful about your own life and everything you still get to do since you are above ground! Remember, your parents were just the vessels chosen to spawn the greatness that is known as you today.   They are in a better place now…Hey, besides, wasn’t their house in foreclosure?  At least they got the last laugh on the mortgage company!  ”

After staring at me for about a minute in shock, my friend will just shake his head when he realizes I won’t stop and chuckle.

Friend: “I love you, man.”

Me:  “Love you, too, Dawg.”


As you can see, I play the game to win!  Seriously, I am not being insensitive to them, but even when we are in that dark place, feeling around in the dark…

This picture says it all:


light-end-tunnel                                                                                         Can you see it back there?

When is the last time that you looked for this when people, times, and the world are pushing you to your breaking point……

When have you tried your damnedest to find the bright side of a horrible situation, for real?

Till next time family, peace!


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