This device in which supposed to help me is making me a prisoner in my own body. The healing process is real. In typical Marcus fashion, I do not want to be bothered by anyone. I got alpha male syndrome. I have been the provider so long, and now I need help doing the simplest tasks. I have these damn narcotics that are supposed to suppress pain, but it is only suppressing the physical pain. What about the mental pain. I need to do something to keep my sanity right now, and I know this torture device is going to be on for two weeks, and I am only on day two. (Got Damn) How am I gonna make it without sawing my leg off. I hereby put myself into a self-imposed exile. Since I have to be in solitary anyway, I might as well make it enjoyable, and do what I considered the unthinkable as an adult. I am stuck on the sofa with only one thing to do that is a colossal waste of time, video games and television. Now I just got my Leave statement saying I have 3 months to be home, yay. (As I think fuck me silently). Not because I am at home, it is because when a recovery is slated that long, that means it is gonna be a tough time learning to walk and get strength back into my legs. I know I could write or do something “productive”, but sitting here with my leg kicked up, and all I can do is pump my heel and take pain killers is getting old quick. I am gonna break out some of my favorite old vidgeo games and be a kid in my own misery. I’m trying not to be a drag to the rest of the house so I’ll transform into the happy kid I once was when I was grounded, but could play my video games back in 1990. Yeah that was a long time ago. These weeks are going to feel like the same amount of time. Here we go Franchise modes in every sport game, replay games from scratch. This should fun. Holla at you guys after I get this crap off my leg. God help me.

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