Brooklyn fans got an awesome weekend of wrestling. Man it started Saturday night with NXT takeover in Brooklyn. Amazing matches by up and coming talents raised the bar. In a long time, far too long the best match of the night was for the women’s title. Sasha Banks and Bayley told a story verbally and physically. It has been a while since I was glued to a TV screen, and those ladies “did the damn thang!” Usually your wrestling fans would say TNA has the best women’s division in the major wrestling markets, but I think that is changing rapidly. These ladies are getting time to get their moves in, tell a story in the ring, and make me clamor for more lately. Long term booking seems to be fairly easy in this case. Now the Vaudevillians match wasn’t no slouch either; their match had a lot of emotion on display, and the rightfully so go their titles. Tyler Breeze and Jushin Thunder Liger match was alright. It was a good match, but I felt Jushin didn’t shine Tyler up as much as he could’ve. He wasn’t sandbagging him; it just looks like he could’ve got him more reactions. We know about the women’s match which was nothing less the spectacular. The NXT title match between Owens and Finn Balor only got etched out by me for match of the night because I can honestly say that I had never seen a WWE women’s match that physical and psychological ever. Now Finn and Owens story telling was awesome. Finn already has the Cirque Di Solei type entrance as the Demon as is already an attention getter. The approached this match from a Methodical standpoint, and Kevin Owens said it in the beginning of the match after the intros. He said “I am going to beat your ass and climb that ladder…..” He had set the table and delivered on that part. It wasn’t a spot fest where we just hit each other with weapons all night until one person doesn’t get up. The grappled for a good little while before the ladders started coming into play. Then Finn started getting his stuff in, and the story that I was getting was a bigger man has too beat this smaller more resilient man down just to start to climb the ladder. It was resilience versus brawn. They put on a heck of a match. As usual the future is looking bright for the WWE as far as wrestling quality goes.
Summer Slam has come, and it felt like a mini Wrestle Mania. The card was lengthy in a good way has some nice solid matches on it. Jon Stewart being the host has to have more to it than meets the eye. We would find this to be true out later. When the show opened Jon Stewart talks about interviewing Brock Lesnar with help from a former WWE champion, and it was Long Island’s own Mick Foley. Foley had to remind Stewart in gloating about Mick’s past that all that craziness had taken place almost 20 years ago, and he was not about to break that absence. Sheamus and Orton opened the show, and as the ring veterans they are, they set the tone for the night nice solid match. Good start to the show so far. Now our Fatal Four Way tag match was a good one everyone got their stuff in. They got to display their athleticism, jaw dropping moves, and kept everyone guessing who was going to win, but I the end the New Day won with some trickery from Kofi Kingston. It was a nice surprising heel finish. Next up is Dolph Ziggler versus Rusev, in a Flashy David versus Goliath match which went to a double count out. The match was alright, but the finish looked like they gave the ref no choice, but to do his job. If that was the finish the sold it like champs. I am skeptical that was supposed to go like that. Match in my opinion was forgettable. Stardust and King Barrett versus Stephen Amell (From Green Arrow) and Neville are next on the menu. I was skeptical of this match, because usually the superstar takes the punishment mostly, then the Hollywood person gets a couple of moves in to give the superstar a breather, then when in dire straits the tag is made the superstar cleans house the Holly wood star gets one more lick in and the match is over. Not the case in this match Stephen Amell got my utmost respect. He just looked like a rookie wrestler. He got punished for a good little bit. His selling was gold. He got to show his athleticism and Neville damn near had half of the match off. Amell did something most of us fans always wanted to do as kids when emulating to make sure he left a stamp on the match he gave a top rope dive onto the floor to Stardust and Barrett, and man that took balls. He has a great noticeable gash on his back to show what he took was real, and to that match I say Bravo. It gets my sleeper award for the night. Intercontinental Title match was a solid one between 3 ring vets, but seemed a bit rushed. When the true vet the Big Show tried to slow the match down and make it methodical the ref seemed to signal to keep pushing. Show I know you read dirt sheets, but if you read Blogs “Big man your face tells the story even when you are trying to just to your job.” Show’s face told me they aren’t going to get everything in, and I felt that for that rest of the match. It was good, but a bit rushed. Next up was Jon Stewart and Paul Heyman in a segment. The best talker on the stick with Jon Stewart was exactly what I expected, Heyman spouted some good stuff out making Jon Stewart somewhat cower and back off, and the funny part was listening to Heyman through the door telling Brock Lesnar what had just transpired. Now it is the Wyatts vs. Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose which is always four athletes putting on one heck of a spectacle was as their matches always are……………..Great. These four always deliver on the PPV stage. Next up is History vs. The Future. John Cena (who can tie Ric Flair for being a 16 time World Champion) or Seth Rollins. As much as people keep pooping on the John Cena character; he has been putting on great matches for the last few months against any and everybody. It was a great back and forth match and then Jon Stewart finally shown that he was just a lawn jockey for the show’s opening costing Cena not only the World title, but his United States title also. That was what I thought was the surprise of the night. Next on our plates are the divas revolution match, in all due respect, the Bella’s pretty girl style just doesn’t mesh with Paige. Charlotte and Becky’s hard hitting wrestling. You know what Sasha and Bayley did the night before makes this match pale in comparison. This match just seemed average, and I got to say the Bella’s time has to be up. Match wasn’t bad, just not as good as I would’ve liked. Yes I am blaming the Bellas; they should’ve adapted a little more hard hitting style to keep up with the other divas. They should be more vicious. Owens vs. Cesaro follows and just about saves me to keep watching this Pay Per View. It had that NXT feel to it. Two hungry guys that are Main Event worthy trying to break that glass ceiling, put on one heck of a match. Side note: I am not telling the winners in most of these because we all know the winner is predetermined, but that is no excuse to put on a crappy match. Plus you can search for the winner on their website or just look at a show. It is plenty of avenues to see who the winners are. I am a connoisseur of how do they get my mind off of who they already slated for the win. How did you glue me to the TV, and made me forget the predetermined outcome, anyways back to my rants and writings. Finally the main event; Brock vs. The Undertaker, it was a good back and forth contest, with a “Dusty Finish.” Look up what a Dusty Finish is and this match had an awesome dusty finish. It was controversial and it helps in the grand scheme of long term booking. It lived up to the hype and the Undertaker sold being hurt like a G, even having people taking cell phone footage of him “collapsing” going back to the back, just to have another video of him just with a limp walking with his wife. These events set up for a good Monday Night Raw. As a fan this was an awesome weekend of wrestling. That is why the blog is so long, sorry for the length, but man it was a lot of things I had to share.

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