Monday Night Raw was hot tonight. Heyman and Lesnar come out to talk about the finish of The Undertaker. Then my Boy the Hater Bo Dallas comes out and gets his scenic tour through Suplex City courtesy of Brock Lesnar. The funny part is that when Brock was to leave on the entrance ramp Heyman looks at Brock and says “just four suplexes” Brock smiles goes back to the ring and gives Bo one more to make and even 5 LOL. Again trying to leave (while the crowd chants more) Heyman looks at Brock and says “That’s all?” Brock commences to Suplex Bo some more, and then mercifully tries to go away, but Paul Heyman signals for the coup de gras “The F-5” so he picks Bo up, and tells him that he does “Bo-lieve” and F-5’s him, and finally Brock leaves. Segment was gold. Then the new tag champs come out to Xavier Woods playing the trombone (for real) to start spreading the news. These guys are turning into a classic heel tag team. Not only is Xavier gold with the trombone on the entrance, he starts to play TAPS during the finish of the match. Innovative my friend, very innovative, and just when I thought the Tag Division was going to focus on them Pyro start going off and I legitimately thought it was Jericho from the patterns, but no Goosebumps camp about my skin when that music hit. It was the Dudleyz. It has been a decade since D-Von and Bubba Ray tore up the Tag Division, and left because it got too watered down. The crowd was white hot especially when after giving the Wassup head drop; Bubba read the crowd and let them finish the sentence. When the Dudleyz let their classic line out “D-Von………. (The crowd said this for him, including me) get the tables!!!!!! Xavier Woods who had to have volunteered to be put through a tabled took the 3-D like a champ through the tables had everyone who is a true fan of wrestling marking the fuck out. Then in classic form to let everyone know they got into the face of the former champs, and said do you know who we are? Man that was a classic moment right there. This last 30 minutes of Raw has been the most exciting that I have seen in months. Now they mess over us with a rematch between the Wyatts and Reigns and Ambrose. I didn’t think this match made any sense what so ever until Bray was once again about to be beaten, then the lights went off. I’m thinking Erick Rowan is back, but nope this big mountain of a man who doesn’t have his name yet decimates Ambrose and Reigns, people are waiting for Sting to show, but this needs more than an icon, so like everyone else I am trying to find out who is this man. My internet peeps already had it figured out. Side note: laughable that last night the guys Wiki page updated while he was in the ring, and this morning Dirt Sheets are just now telling who he is. This last hour and some change of Raw have had real surprises that weren’t spoiled for a change. Next up is Team Bella vs. PCB (kind of, sort of a rematch from last night) after tearing the “set” of Miz TV leads into a match. Respect to the ladies, but the Brooklyn crowd felt as I felt the night previous, and chanted We Want Sasha! The match was alright, but it lacked that hard hitting style that Sasha and Bayley made the standard for the women’s (notice I don’t say Divas; Divas have that pretty style, the women’s have that old school Japan hard hitting style) , and the match came off as subpar. Sasha see what you done did girl. Stardust vs. Neville is up to bat, and Cody aka Stardust has to actually read comics because in this comic battle the green arrow and red arrow o won last night, but tonight is kind of a new battle. In classic comic book villainy form Stardust attacks Barrett out of nowhere. I am thinking face-turn, and no he just dumped his once partner to do things himself. No real match with Neville he retreats to his lair to plot the next step up his diabolical plan. I like Cody’s comic psychology. Jon Stewart got some splaining to do. He brings out Ric Flair and John Cena on why he did what he did. Good segment and props to Jon Stewart for taking an AA. Good job my man, I think he is the only Celeb to have a heel turn, and I stress turn. If anyone know of one leave it to me in the comments. An eight man tag is up next in which I thought was going to be a snore fest, actually was good. It ended with calamity from the Big Show and in the end the Big Show has no country to side with, the ending was unexpected, but nice to say the least, and after this great Raw tonight everyone forgot that the Stinger is still in the house. So during the “Statue” ceremony during the unveiling, the Stinger is standing tall with that classic IDGAF face beats Rollins down and holds the one prize he has yet to capture the WWE Title. Man I hope they give my man the title. This is a good time to be a wrestling fan.

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