Week 2’s exile to the torture device is finally over. I have been to the doctor and mercifully my leg healed enough to take that damn splint off. I wasn’t into complete solitary confinement as I had planned thanks to my wife, my best friend, and his wife. They got me paroled on the Sunday before to accept visitors (LOL). Now the real challenge begins. I have this futuristic looking leg brace that is going to be my buddy during this whole healing process. It has set degrees in which that I can adjust in accordance to my bending of my leg. One of my doctors or nurse (didn’t get which one, but I bank on nurse because she has talked to me more than the Doc, but anyways) told me that I need to keep it at 30 degrees, and I’m like, “What, I can actually bend my leg?”(In relief) I am like yes, until when she was about to fit me for the brace she said “Here’s a test lift your leg, so that I can put the brace on it.” Man it was like trying to lift a car with my leg. It didn’t happen. I was like dag, it has only been 2 weeks, and my leg is this weak. It is going to be a long healing process, but I am up to the challenge. After I was finally in the new brace the doctor asked if I wanted to keep the splint I had, and out of all my other injuries that I had I usually keep those as a just in case it happens to someone else I can get straight quick fix on their way to the hospital. In this instance she asked if I wanted to keep it, and I went “Nope, you can take that thing and burn it” and I was dead serious, out of the cast, braces, boots, and any other thing that I had to get me better, that one thing just had bad juju written all over it. I have never been so glad to get rid of a piece of medical equipment so fast in my life. As I learn to walk right again this journey has love and determination written all over it, and I am going to come out of this a better man, with stronger legs, a stronger soul, and an even stronger will. Let’s get it.

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