What up peeps! Been 4 weeks since the last post, but, man it is for good reason. I have hit the point in my recover that I hoped and feared I would get too…..Physical Therapy. For those of you who haven’t had to ever do PT, you just don;t know how humbling that it is. It is to get your body back on track to perform at the level you were before your injury, and you are doing exercises that stretch, strengthen, and give range of motions for your injured body part. Well weeks 1 and 2 were the worst. Because my leg was straight as an arrow for just about a month that the first order of business was to get my range of motion back i.e. bending my leg. Now at this point my leg is suppose to be bending close to or at 90 degrees. I knew I was close to it, but I also didn’t know how far away from it I was, and this is where physical therapist can be considered torture artist, or when the earn their Master’s Degree in pain. First visit I got an awesome Physical Therapist who has a plan on how we are going to “rebuild” my knee. She was nice and gave me a regime that I should be working on at home, and said she was going to test out what I can do and record our progress. Well this is where the “fun” starts. She has to measure my range of motion, and arrogantly I’m thinking I’m at about 80 degrees and I will be at 90 in no time. I was in for a rude awakening from that point. When she measured it I was at 65 degrees, and she said that would not do. I thought damn I can move around fine, but my leg won’t bend, but that’s what therapy is for right? Well for the first 4 sessions all of my work was basically stretches, deep tissue massages, and minor knee movement, First 2 weeks were a slow introduction to the healing process. Now I had a doctor’s appointment, and the doc said I healed good, and now the hard part is going to start; which is getting range of motion back. Now the next two weeks are about to show me my pain threshold limit. Week number 3 I am in, and my Physical Therapist said the therapy can now be a little more intense. Now again we go for the measurement, and it was not much better than when I started. I was measuring at 73 degrees (which is not good at this point, I really do suppose to be at 90 degrees now). Like Brock Lesnar a la 2004 “Here comes the pain!” My therapist who was a fill in on this day said we are going to have manually stretch your knee. I am like okay let’s get this done. Now this stretch which had me sitting on a table with my legs off was the start of the Pain Train. My injured leg did not hang, so I had to cross my healthy leg across the injured leg and push it back as far as I could. That is what I did, and I was measured after every time I would stretch to see if I had progress, and to no avail I had nothing new, and the sub therapist asked me how long did I want my leg like that, because she would have to sort of speed up the process or the scar tissue would set in and possibly callus up if I didn’t get that good motion going. I knew when she said that at that very moment that I should’ve taken my pain pills before I got their. Now while I am still on the table the therapist tells me to try to keep my hamstring on the table, and first I am like”?????” Man, she started pushing my leg back under the table almost like the way I tried with my healthy leg, but a woman who weighs a hell of a lot than my healthy leg pushing down on my leg for 15 seconds at a time when my leg felt like it was hyper extending the opposite way hurt like you would believe, and she did this for 20 reps, and sometimes my leg would shake uncontrollably because it was just that tight while she was manually stretching my leg. I have a high pain threshold, and at sometimes when she either got to a 90 degree bend or close to it I would go “Okay, I’m tapping, I’m tapping, sh*t, f*ck, got dammit” At about rep 12 I literally felt like I was about to pass out from the pain. She gave me about a 5 minute break before icing, and she measured it and I measured at 86 degrees. I must admit I felt F.U.B.A.R., but she got results. Just like in the military my drill instructor once said pain is the best memory I can give you, because if anything in life you will never want to experience this again. That same saying would now make perfect since to me. The next visit basically went the same, and I was close to 90, but swelling prevented it, and the Therapist gave me some home stretches to do, and she said if we go backwards that we would just have to go the manual route to finish out the first month. I thought “Oh hell naw!”Feel like I am going to pass out every time I come here. That ain’t happening. When my Wife and children would go out I would get my mouthpiece out and aggressively stretch myself in the agony of my own home. I use the mouthpiece to bite down on, and after every stretch I could curse as loud as I want, and I guess I had a breakthrough breaking up scar tissue in my knee, because the stretching was intense that I heard a pop in my knee, but it was a good pop. It was scar tissue breaking up, and it had to be a butt load of it, because after cursing for about 2 minutes and biting down on my mouthpiece, I was in pain and tears. I could clearly bend my leg farther, but the price to play is high. To make sure physical therapy wasn’t so hard I would have to put myself through hell first. They will be the tune-up to my work. Now the pain is on a lower scale, but I got to put in the work. Never will I let anyone see me hurt that bad in a non life and death situation. I feel like a phoenix. The ashes of all of my training from earlier in the year is me starting back from square one. I am built for this, and I plan on walking normally by Halloween this year. Next visit will determine that. I will get back to 100%. The road is a hard one, but I know I can do it. Until next time find your carrot, chase it, grab it, and then find another.

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