There’s a little trivia for you Arnold fans. In my case if it bends I can stretch it. I have had more weeks of physical therapy down and a lot more to go. I have been rehabbing like a mad man. I have been told by my doctor and my physical therapist that I am healing fast, but I need to slow down. I have finally got bend to my knee, and I am getting more degrees to it. As of today my good knee bends at 145 degrees, and my reattached knee is at 120. We getting there fam. Now comes the pat that I have dreaded since the injury. Just like great athletes who know healing from the injury is the easy part, now going back to work at less than 100 percent is the real challenge I face. I mean I am now comfortably uncomfortable with my swollen knee, but having a job to do in a 10 hour day is about to be a little different. I have a little more than one week to go before I am back on the job, and now being here, getting some reading done, quality time with the family, and overall sanity building has to now come into play outside of these four walls I call my home. I have gotten enough intellectual stimulation for this 3 month hiatus I have had, and now it is time to put some things into play. I guess my blogs will morph into philosophical type blogs and opinions. I am roughly about 70 percent back to full strength, but a positive attitude is what is keeping me rehabbing like a monster. It is funny how when you get a major injury that you notice how common your injury really is, and my inspirations have come from athletes who had this injury last year, and are back 100 percent today. I know by next spring I will be back at full strength. I am playing my position, getting healthy, and building my power, readying for super saiyan 4 mode. Until next blog, be easy fam.

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