Well hello baby. Long time huh, fam? I have been working my ass off for the last month, and this may be one of my final leg healing blogs, and now I can spew come more bullshit off the top of my brain, from now on. The knee is getting better, stronger, and healthier every day. I completed my last physical therapy last week, and it was bitter sweet. I was moving around like a wounded animal with a little fight left in it. When it was show time, I could lightly jog, squat 160 pounds on the recovering leg, 120 pounds on hamstring curls, and have 140 degree bending during the stretching. Your boy was getting it, and knowing that I put in the work to heal made it all worthwhile. It was funny that a guy was in my last physical therapy session was doing the exact same work out that I had, but he had gotten there about 15 minutes earlier, and I outworked him in every aspect, and even my therapist said I should be a poster child for physical therapy and recovery. I thought he was in the beginning stages of physical therapy, but he was only a week behind me. I clearly want my body to heal properly, but my counterpart seemed to care less about his workout, and I couldn’t imagine just giving up on myself like that. I just think that he is enjoying his time, but not really physically active. I am grateful for having the tenacity and toughness to get back on the saddle and get on the road to recovery. I have been doing this for 4 months, but I know I will not be 100 percent until about next spring, and I am fine with it. Time heals all wounds, and I am going to test it out. I have got my mind ready for this. No rushing the process, because one person I know of rushed, and he is now awaiting another surgery (on his calf), because he hurried his patella surgery. Oh by the way his name is Victor Cruz (look it up if you don’t know who he is). I was gauging my patella rupture and recovery to his, and he has shown me to let my body heal. Overall guys I am doing fine, and getting stronger every day, and will be back to normal……no I will be better. Now my goal is to get healthy enough to run another marathon, road race, and play ball again. I will, but I know none of this will happen until mid-2016. Until then fam I am powering up mentally, physically, and spiritually until then. Stay strong, I know I will!!!!

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