Wassup fam this is my opening religious post.  Now this is where I need other dialogue in trying to crack this nut about certain religious rituals.  This video below is what sparks this question.

Now that is a stone cold trip.  If this guy is doing things like this how many more “sheeple” have been doing this?  When a pastor lays hand on you it is as if he is a vessel from the Holy Spirit, and the power seeps through him so much that he gives his abundance of power of the Holy Spirit to you, and the power is so great that it knocks you down.  Some real powerful stuff right?  Now my man in the video must have been waiting on a phone call for some money or something, and when the other party didn’t have it he said “I am under the anointing now, call me back please.”  In the words of The Miz Really… really………..really!!  I know we all try to be respectful of people, in which he tried to be after the pastor called him on it, but now here is the question.  Who is the biggest faker in this situation?  Is it the pastor whose omnipotent powers from above weren’t enough for his Lamb of God, or is it the lamb that needs to be anointed and even the most high can’t change him, so he puts on this charade to keep the pastor confident in his powers.  The pastor asked him before the fuckery ensued, “How many demons have cast out of you?”  In the end I guess he figured none. (LOL).  Why is it we don’t search and find that the true power is in oneself?  This is where I say most people are sheeple, and I am including myself.  I try to stray from the flock from time to time.  I look at the world from an objective view, and the one thing that is funny is there is no right or wrong.  People usually try living there lives the best to what makes them happiest.  (Uh oh here is where I go left field).  The world is no black and white.  Can I knock the preacher’s way of inspiring his congregation?  Can I knock this guy for instilling confidence in his leader of his church?  No on both accounts.  We all need some type of support system, but when it is not the way we perceive it, it is a mockery.  Religion is just that on a grand scale.  The thing that makes me come to this conclusion is look at the way a church leader is set up.  The leader has to be charismatic, a great speaker, and someone who inspires.  If he or she isn’t either of these things, they are destined to fail, but when they get this, man you could build communities, make money, or start wars with this type of stuff.  Along with all the other things going on in life, I often ask myself.  Why is it that in “old school” church there was the one “only” true way of religious practice? The very practice that ran my “new” school question away.  It was called questioning god by the elders.  Even as a kid I would always say that I am questioning you (as in Man) not God.  I only wanted to know why these rules are in place, and what sense do they make to me?  Now more people in my generation find their own religion if any.  This is ironic because all we are trying to do is find a flock that suits us, and the original flock much like the evolution of life, has kicked us out and much like lions we had to find our own pride (lion family and the noun).  In turn I consider myself an agnostic.  Look it up if you don’t know what it is.  I want to ask anyone of any religion to answer this.  If all of you believe in one, the most powerful entity known to our feeble little race, then why does one have to be the true religion, as long as I get the message why does it matter who I got it from.  Because in the end the question will not be…who gave you the information, it will be did you retain the right information?  Now ask yourself this besides language what is different about these messages?


You only have to look a about the first five minutes to get my point, but if you want to continue viewing it have fun.



It is funny to most, but his heart was in the right place……..I hope :-/

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