What is reality?!! I wonder daily what is; reality? Why is it anything that we try to achieve at its highest level considered a dream? When we think about an ultimate goal it is considered a dream realized, but why can’t it be reality realized. I am not talking about a “Reality Show” reality, I am talking about the thing that we live on a daily basis called life. I have always said your perception is your reality. It really is. It is an alternate way of saying dreaming is believing (I guess). When I dream usually my mind makes me do “impossible” things like fly like superman, hit the ground after falling from space and survive with only being dusty, fly a fighter jet, become a spy, be a ninja, unlock my chi to God-like status, and eliminate those who have wronged me in my “dream”. What if what we think is reality is really the dream, and our dreams are really reality? Hmmmm…? Why am I told in this dream that I only am able to use only 10 percent of my brain? In my reality I can do what I want. I think the world may really be like the Matrix. When Morpheus told Neo welcome to the real world; it made me think at that very moment. 99 percent of the teachings Neo was receiving hit home so close until it made me wonder, is this the Matrix….., and who is trapped inside (I hope not me now). I want to see the real world, but not end up like Neo in the end (LOL). I want to see how to manipulate life to its highest degree. I want to use “True” mind over matter. My mind often wonders about this stuff. When we look at TV we literally jack in at those times and follow life as a constant routine. If we keep doing this we truly are “sheeple”. I think when we figure out our true happiness, just then I think we will unlock our real reality so……


This is just some food for thought family. So which one is it will you take the blue pill or the red pill??

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