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Wassup family,

Now you know when I blog about something it is something that is on my mind that needs some clarity.  It could be from a great conversation or events that affect me (directly or indirectly).  My wife is on a spiritual journey.  Side Bar visit her blog site, she is the Yin to my Yang.  She told me in her spiritual journey she has broken down that money does indeed grow on trees.  As we fondly have our meeting of the adult minds, (yes only when the little isn’t around, and we can take the P.C. out and spout all things from the heart and the mind out)  money is for some reason viewed as this unattainable thing that makes the world go round.  Money isn’t unattainable.  It truly is everywhere.  I hate to say it, but it is easy to get money.  Now the amount of money to live off of is a different story.  We make money doing all kinds of things on a daily basis besides have a 9-5.  Hell most of us have made money for just having a birthday (see where I am going with this).  Here in the “good ole U.S. of A.” we make money to just live a normal life.  The money that we spend on a daily basis may have the economic value for wants and needs that we demand on a daily basis, but if some of you pay attention to the value of US dollars and other country’s money on a global scale of value (which fluctuates daily) has no set value.  Only we set the value of a dollar.  Money is a resource that is given value by us.  I challenge anyone who reads this to go on a money website that tracks stocks, bonds, commodities, and currency, and watch how on a daily basis how the value increases and decreases by the hour.  Money is a product in itself.  It has a supply and a demand.  The pound, the US dollar, the yen are always on demand from the rest of the world, why?  It is because in all simplicity someone said there money is better, and they sold them on the idea that yeah it really is.  This is why we have the economy that we have.  When people are buying more products (supply) it increases their value (demand).  If we don’t demand it they will not supply it therefore, it loses value, and it will be eliminated from the playing field and then on to the next big thing.  The thing now is health.  I wondered how would they value health, and it is so simple how, to put a price on your health? Well they have been doing it for centuries (I’m talking shamans and “witch” doctors of times past) it is always money is the medicine not the cure.  I know you have asked yourself how they haven’t found a cure for something as simple as a common cold.  In a billion dollar industry why would you?  We are living great with this valued thing called money, and we need more.  We always need more right?  Well I value myself a lot more that money, so I take great measure to ensure that I will be worth more alive and well the being a living corpse. Some people can’t help their financial status (or some can), but we need to get something done about these scientist who find out crap that does directly affect us now and put a foot up the @$$ of all of them to put their little brain housing groups together and find a cure (a blog for another time).    We actually prostitute ourselves for money on a daily basis.  You think I am lying.  Well then how many of us to our jobs hurt know that it is going to be a struggle to get through the day or wait until my off day to go get seen?  Does this sound familiar, or does my insurance cover this?  I can’t afford to miss work with this injury.  Sadly in the end you shorten your work life span when something  like that happens as oppose to just take that time off and you would make more money in the end as oppose to saving the pennies that were already counted before your paycheck was cashed.  In little ways we put our body on the line for something that can be made easily (money) if we step outside our comfort zone sometimes.  In conclusion money is like find a 4 leaf clover it is lucky, but when pulled out of the ground it grows it dies eventually, and you can always say at least I know what it is like to have one.  Money is as valuable as you make it.  It does grow on trees you just have to find it and shake it as hard as you can.


Be easy fam,


Money tree



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