My love of professional wrestling started when I was about 4 and every Saturday night me and my grandma would post up by the television and enjoy some NWA wrestling.  We would look at these behemoths have a classic struggle between good (baby face) and evil (heel).  As the baby face starts his comeback granny would put me in a headlock and shout “power baby, power” then as scripted (not fake it is a difference) the face would overcome adversity, and triumph over the heel (sometimes).  At the end we would be exhausted as if we were in the match.  Then we would get a snack before bed and go to sleep and talk about the wrestling matches over breakfast the following morning.  This cycle would repeat every weekend that I spent over at my grandma’s.  I used to use it as an excuse to eat ice cream after 6 p.m. At home I wasn’t allowed sweets after 4:00 p.m.  Aren’t grandmas the greatest?  I always will remember that as the start, and then as I got older it got even more exciting now that I wasn’t getting put in a headlock during the show made it even better LOL.  Now as I got a better understanding of what was going on I got even more intrigued.  These feats of athleticism are on display for all to see on a weekly basis truly was astonishing to me, especially when I knew the injuries were real.  These guys get my utmost respect for putting their bodies on the line in the interest of entertaining “pencil neck geeks, beer bellied share croppers, and jabronis” all alike.  In high school, when I thought growing 6-5 was a right of everyone who wanted to be a professional athlete, I researched and looked up a wrestling academy.  I called to get info and I got a lot of knowledge on what I needed to get in, which was the knowledge of the conditioning it took to get in (I was an all-around athlete, check), transportation (check), knew how to take a bump (the actual falls to have to endure during a match, the very reason I say being called fake is an insult to the fullest, go to a wrestling ring and get power slammed by anyone it REALLY will make you liver shake, but I digress, check), now here is when I found difficulty, wrestling gear,( nope), Amateur wrestling background (nope), 1500 dollars (hell no I was 17 making minimum wage at best), oh and kid how tall are you and how much do you weigh (here’s where I basically got laughed at) 5”7 150 pounds.  I was told unless I had super spinach this would not be the career for you.  Back then I thought I was buff LMAO, and then I put on 50 pounds of fat and muscle to shed the skinny image.  Well that was a dream deferred, but I never lost my love for the business.  The thing that made me way more interested is when I actually met wrestlers and they would give more in sight to what they do and how shows are ran completely fascinated me even more.   As I started piecing these things together I just completely fell in love with it, and have been ever since.  When I try to describe why I love professional wrestling to my friends, the best way I can describe it to them is it is like a living comic book (thanks Curry Man for the Reference)  You have good and evil fighting for domination ( in wrestling’s case the world title) Good vanquishes evil, and then it is never over.  Because another bigger or badder foe is in the fold and basically it is a non-stop battle between good and evil.  When they are in the ring actually working this is where they make their money.  It is not just two men or women trading holds, it is a struggle and talent to make the audience believe one this man has to overcome some odds to defeat this guy or gal, and when he or she uses the electricity from the crowd to finish off his opponent, it is not the final destination that is exciting it is the ride to get there.  Best events to really see this are the PPVs, and that’s why they are Pay Per Views.  They get you hooked for three weeks and bam they make you want to pay to see the ending.  If you don’t have money for some of the Pay Per Views then don’t fret the PPVs are on Sunday, just wait until Monday night to see who came out victorious.  There are so many sites out now that you could read the PPV as it is happening.  Sometimes they are so descriptive you can imagine looking at it while reading, or if you are a geek like me, I have the latest wrestling games, I just play them out on the game (LOL, I know it is lame, but sometimes I can’t wait until Monday my imagination is too wild).  Since it has taken more of an Entertainment stand point it is really interesting how much philanthropy work has been put in by the company and superstars (big up to John Cena with his work for the Make-A-Wish Foundation just go check his wish count, it is bananas).  I love it so much that I have bought stock into it.  It is doing crappy now, but I know that payoff is coming.  In turn my love for wrestling is not just for the entertainment, but the production, the story, the out of the ring, the in ring, and the personalities make me love our living comic book.  If you don’t like action, comedy, drama, or majestic feats of athleticism this ain’t for you.  If you do try to look at (the Male Soap Opera as my wife calls it), try to pick one thing that interest you, but you better be careful you might like it.  If not I will let you spend time with granny and she’ll make you take a bump to show you what is real.  LOL.  I will try to do a weekly break down of WWE weekly shows for anyone interested.  I would try TNA, but I always have night shift when there show is on, and the recap shows are hard to come by where I live.  That is all family don’t just have a good day, shine like the sun and have an awesomely spectacular day.


If ya smeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllllllll what the Mack…………………………… cooking!!!  No really you don’t smell it?!!  ;-p


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