This ladies and gentlemen is my rant over this bullshit that keeps happening or at least that is what the news is portraying.  What the fuck is wrong with people leaving animals and babies in their freaking car.  You have to be a true piece of shit to do this.  It is hotter than a BBQ at Satan’s house when you and your former little one get in the car, and you have to balls to give me the I forgot, or I wasn’t going to be gone long.  You fucking suck!!  If this baby or animal in the car depends on your dumb ass the least you can do is find a sitter, leave them at home or hell just leave them with capable hands.  I actually cried looking at the news on yet another story of a baby being left in the car and the dumb motherfucker that left the baby in the car seat.  Well Dip Shit why even put the baby in the damn car seat if you are just going to let them die slow. Why not just strap them in the regular car seat and hope for the best.  This Fucks with my head to no end because I have a little one, and when she is strapped in she making so much noise in the car I couldn’t forget she was back there if I tried.  Then again I love the hell out of my kids, and the ass  holes ain’t got a got damn bit of brains to know the are the controller of a little  at theses times.  Apparently these dumb sons of bitches were well distracted before they sentenced these poor little ones to death.  Listen up jackasses they didn’t ask to be here you chose them, and if you can’t have the common decency to take care of you own, then go the fuck somewhere and do dumb shit to yourself, so the rest of us can sleep easy knowing  that dumb motherfuckers like you can hurt yourselves and we won’t have to worry about the consequences that your stupid ass has to deal with.  Sorry for the language fam, but shit like this brings out the pissed off Marine in me.  Fuck these ass holes killing innocent kids and animals.  The only positive thing that I can think can come out of this is these ass holes have been caught, and identified.  Now only if we could catch the other ones.






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