Wassup fam, I can honestly tell you that I got caught up in life. This blog was supposed to be informative, heartfelt, and funny, but I have been slipping on my pimping so to speak. For the last two months in my field I have had extra responsibilities such as 4 other stores added to my watch, and being tasked to improve sales, well got time consuming, but I am here to tell it took two months and that in fact happened. A changing of the guard at my store also took place, which in turn has unleashed me to go above and beyond the mediocrity that that previous manager was happy with. Now family your boy is doing his thing being “The Excellence of Execution” that I was when I first got to the store. I was allowed to start setting next to impossible standards (in their eyes), but I always knew they didn’t know how high I am willing to take our Bistro. Sales, new customers, and a gang of returning customers didn’t show them that my hard work was just starting. In my business usually we base sales off of the previous year’s sales, and every year I have been 5-10 percent ahead, but now we are 17-25 percent ahead when I am unleashed on making our Bistro the best. My chefs and I have the sales, but now it is the little things that we are working on. We want to be like an expensive restaurant. When you come in the surroundings should scream clean, friendly, and great tasting food. I have done that, and our District staff has recognized me doing so, and I was tasked with helping the other four stores out, and I did. Now that I have time to rest, think, and overall clear my head, I have to admit this feels good. I will explain. Today I made myself get 8 hours of sleep along with a two hour nap. I of course had an epiphany, which is, why do we break our necks and backs for everyone, but our selves. The world for me today was something that was a collaborative effort thanks to my lovely wife and my great little girl, and I am so thankful for them. With me and the wife expecting a new baby next year, I am trying to cherish sleep and rest now, because I know what a baby entails. Why is it (especially as men) we are not allowed to really rest? Whether we are talking after work or even on free time, we are always supposed to be doing something. Today I have decided at least once a week I will have a day of rest. Let me get this out there; I work at least 50 plus hours a week, I try to work out six days a week, spend at least 2 hours with my daughter, eat with my family, and spend at least 2 hours with my wife. Let’s total that up shall we; 10 at work + 2 hour work out+2 hour play time+ 30 min dinner time+2 hours quality time, and that equals 16 and a half hour without sleep or time really just for me. That leaves me not only 7 and a half hours of sleep, just to do it all again. Ladies I know some of you do the “traditional” thing by making the man work and just bring home the bacon, so you can fry it up, but give your man a rest every now and then. I honestly needed it today. From this time forward I will have on at least every other week, (let’s be honest I got kids). When is the last time you just gave yourself a day of rest to recharge your batteries, and vacations don’t count that what they are supposed to be for. In this post I would like to tell everyone that a part of being healthy is getting proper rest along with nutrition and love. Today I got all three, and now I am like “THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!!” Come on fam get some rest with me, so this can happen;

I’m Back!!!!!

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