Allow me to reintroduce myself my name is Marc…….MA to the RC. What’s up fam, it has been a long time (a helluva a long time) close to a year of my crazy ass thoughts and rants. Well after my angry post my year surprisingly went AWESOME last year, professionally and personally. Last year attempted to become a father again, and it went off without a hitch. Now I have two beautiful children who are lovely young ladies already (sheesh I gotta get my gun, for real). I got my just desserts at my job, ran my first 10 K in decades (and ran it well may I add), got my mental issues together, and all in all I felt whole spiritually, mentally, and physically. Now I bet you are wondering man everything sounds good, but right now it ain’t all good. After having all this, it is to be my year for real. I sustained an injury that frankly I never considered I would get. About two and a half weeks ago I dislocated my knee cap. Yes kneecap. It was the weirdest feeling when it popped while I was playing basketball. When I went down everyone thought it was my ACL in which I kinda hoped it was. We have come leaps and bounds of fixing ACLs now, but when I went to feel my knee it didn’t hurt. It was weak as hell and I could just feel a hole in my knee. I thought that’s not good. After driving myself to the emergency room, with no use of my right leg mind you, and got the true diagnosis. The doctor tried to just pop it back in, and when she said she couldn’t get I back in I knew she was gonna drop the S-Bomb on my. She in true fashion did. Fast forward to today surgery was about 2 weeks ago, and now I find myself back a ground zero in Marcus Land. You see I tore my Achilles just 5 years ago, and that was my first surgery, and between the rehab the learning how to walk, how to properly stretch, and just overall leg maintenance I thought I had the leg game on lock. I know this road to recovery should be no different. This injury came because of me being stupid years ago after I thought I had sprained my knee, which didn’t heal for 3 freaking months should have been an indicator it was more than a sprain. Well 2 decades later after putting my body through hell on a regular and sporadic basis, I guess my knee said “It is time.” Now I am trying to get back on my feet (literally). This time is different. I have two kids who see daddy suffering in pain (for real), and I know what it is to truly be strong for the family. Let’s get this straight I am one tough SOB, and even when my Achilles was torn, I bounced back from that in 3 months. I was 30 then so I can’t play the “I was young” card. My mental aspect is what got me through that, and what is gonna do the same this time around. To even get everything sorted out mentally again, this is my promise to really blog…..I mean I pay to keep my name on the site that means I need actually use it. My new initiative is to keep a chronicle of my rehab to walk, and now just spout off the BS off my little brain ala Stone Cold Steve Austin style. We about to take a new ride in mental and physical anguish, so strap up lace up, and grease up let’s do this.

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