Is there anyone out there feeling their way through life like myself and want to find answers or just want to get things off of their chest about this thing called life?
Well are there any wrestling fans out there who would like to discuss the current state of the business?
No to that too?
Are there any parents of little ones out there who want to compare notes on having kids and trying not to screw them up?
No to that, too, huh?
How about any chefs or home cooks becoming chefs who want to swap recipes or need some recipe ideas?
Then are there any martial artists or MMA enthusiasts out there? How about connoisseurs of different types of music? How about health and exercise?
No to that too, man this is a tough crowd.
Well if you actually do want to interact with others and shoot the breeze about any of those things, then this is the blog for you. I like most of us go online to read some of my favorite websites, and then I go to the most entertaining part of any article….the comments section. Some I agree some I disagree, but I could always give the respect is people are reading things and getting their own interpretation. On one of the wrestling websites, I would have great dialogues and debates concerning the happenings of what’s going on. The same thing happens when I when I go to food websites, MMA, websites, political websites, etc, etc, etc… so I have been told I should start a blog, so low and behold people here it is. I have had a lot of worldly experience that I share to friends, family, and customers on a daily basis. Being that I had a tough to normal type childhood made me grow up a little faster than expected, and then joining the motivated USMC right out of high school has added true man of me (well before the wife got to me too, LOL). I have many topics to discuss, and I hope to make my readers think, laugh, cry, sympathize, and overall inspire. I always believe in life there is balance no matter what way the scale seems on a daily basis something balanced out what we are living. As everyone should know you can’t enjoy the sweet without the sour, but people such as myself do like sour things every now and again, then we all can balance it out and have some great glasses of lemonade. Let’s relax and have a great time.

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